Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for the Commercial Reorganization: A Brief Guide for the CEO, CFO/COO, General Counsel and Tax Advisor, Third Edition

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Thomas Salerno, along with a team of writers from Stinson LLP, has updated Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for the Commercial Reorganization. As the authors note in this third edition of the popular title, “Pre-bankruptcy planning for the commercial chapter 11 reorganization can be broken down conceptually into four distinct (although interrelated) categories, which are set forth in no particular order of priority: (1) preparation of management, key employees and exit strategy; (2) business preparation; (3) legal preparation; and (4) tax preparation.” This update is an invaluable guide for CFOs, General Counsel, and tax advisors, as well, of course, for practitioners who represent them in going through a reorganization.
Author Thomas Salerno, et al.
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