Bankruptcy Mediation

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Written by members of ABI’s Mediation Committee, Bankruptcy Mediation assists both novices to bankruptcy mediation, as well as skilled participants, by detailing a process that has grown exponentially in recent years. Numerous courts have adopted local rules on mediation and many have pre-certified panels of mediators, so it is perhaps natural that bankruptcy professionals, who understand deal-making, are drawn to mediation by the prospect of controlling costs and fashioning relief in a more flexible manner than what can be obtained in court. The mediation process can secure a successful reorganization or implement a liquidation process that can maximize returns to creditors by minimizing costs. Crafted by some of the most knowledgeable and effective mediators in the field, Bankruptcy Mediation provides in-depth instructions and advice on effectively using mediation to achieve resolution between debtors and creditors.
Author Leslie A. Berkoff, Scott K. Brown, Francis L. Carter, C. Edward Dobbs, Jacob Aaron Esher, Hon. Lisa Hill Fenning (Ret.), Robert M. Fishman, Prof. Elayne E. Greenberg, Roy S. Kobert, John G. Loughnane, Hon. Raymond T. Lyons (Ret.), Jerry M. Markowitz, Rich
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Bankruptcy Mediation Bankruptcy Mediation

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