Bankruptcy Litigation Manual: What Civil Litigators Need to Know, Second Edition

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Many practitioners have gotten the call from partners, associates, friends and colleagues: “Help! My client is involved in a lawsuit and one of the parties has just filed for bankruptcy. What do I do?” Bankruptcy Litigation Manual: What Civil Litigators Need to Know (Second Edition) is an attempt to offer some quick and handy guidelines to civil litigators to shed some light on the sometimes befuddling world of bankruptcy. This book is an update to the excellent manuscript prepared by R. Scott Williams, Charles Beckham Jr., and Deborah Williamson. In the decade since that manuscript was published, bankruptcy law and practice have faced some mighty headwinds, not the least of which is the jurisdictional muddle of Stern v. Marshall and its progeny. This latest edition, written and edited by leading members of ABI’s Bankruptcy Litigation Committee, adds guidance on Stern, sections on Federal Rule of Bankruptcy 2004 and adversary proceedings, and updates the caselaw citations. It is an invaluable update to one of ABI’s most popular manuals, and deserves a spot on any practitioner’s shelf.
Author Stacy Dasaro, Ferve Khan, Howard Steel, R. Scott Williams, Alison R. Ashmore, Matthew T. Faga, Nathan Palmer, Greg Schwegmann and Martha Wyrick
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