2021 Bankruptcy Yearbook, Almanac & Directory

2021 Bankruptcy Yearbook, Almanac & Directory


BankruptcyData, the bankruptcy industry's database of record, has long provided the nation's leading law firms, business schools, investment banks, government regulators, and many more with critical intelligence and real-time data. BankruptcyData’s annual almanac provides essential corporate bankruptcy information with over 500 pages of facts, figures, graphs, research, and commentary covering all aspects of corporate bankruptcy. Carefully curated by our team of bankruptcy analysts, the almanac lays out data in an accessible and easy-to-use format.

Now in its 31st year, BankruptcyData's annual almanac has long been a fixture in the country's leading law and business libraries. The 2021 edition — which covers a 70% year-on-year rise in bankruptcies — is the most important we have ever published. The 500-page 2021 bankruptcy almanac includes:

• A written analysis of the last year in bankruptcy
• Detailed case summaries of 2020's largest filings
• Analysis of bankruptcy trends and industry-specific data
• Information on distressed securities
• Corporate retentions within the bankruptcy industry

The bankruptcy almanac is offered in both a digitally accessible format (PDF) and as a book. Pricing is as follows:

PDF: $395
Book: $445
PDF and Book: $595

All formats are available through the publisher purchase link.

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