2020 Bankruptcy Yearbook, Almanac & Directory


Now in its 30th edition, BankruptcyData's 2020 Bankruptcy Yearbook, Almanac & Directory is the definitive guide and catalog of record covering all aspects of bankruptcy, geared toward professionals seeking a guide to the corporate bankruptcy industry.

✓ An encyclopedic source of bankruptcy statistics containing over 500 pages of facts, figures, graphs, research, analysis and commentary.
✓ An indispensable resource for bankruptcy data research—find figures to support presentations, follow industry trends, compare statistics from year to year, etc.
✓ A perfect fit for every legal library.

ABI Members have three options: Print Only for $169.95; PDF Only for $169.95; or Print and PDF for $249.95. All purchase options are available at the Publisher link.

Author BankruptcyData, a Division of New Generation Research