27 Articles for Bankruptcy Judges: A Bankruptcy Judge's Insights on Trying to Get It Right

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Hon. Scott C. Clarkson (U.S. Bankruptcy Court; Central District of California) offers an invaluable insider's look at judicial conduct — the right (and wrong) way of doing things. Judge Clarkson’s musings are divided into 27 essays in 27 Articles, a nod to author T.E. Lawrence’s writings of the same name during World War I. Available for free, the ebook serves as a useful guide for both new and seasoned judges, practitioners thinking of becoming judges, judicial staff, and anyone who conducts business in and around the courts.

“This is really a book about the reemergence of civility both in and out of court, and how both judges and the legal profession may strive to promote civility, honesty and integrity throughout the legal system,” Judge Clarkson said.

“Judge Clarkson’s book is a delight,” said ABI Editor-at-Large Bill Rochelle, author of ABI’s Rochelle’s Daily Wire. “It’s chock full of hints for newly minted judges.”
Author Hon. Scott C. Clarkson